Mastering Niche Markets

Our core capabilities provide comprehensive and seamless supply chain support for an array of industries and transit challenges. Our experienced Industry experts are well equipped to navigate the unique requirements your industry presents. With our global partners’ network across continents, we ensure that all elements of your supply chain are strengthened.

Tailored Logistics Services that Drive Seamless Cross-Border Transportation

As top-tier freight forwarding experts, we offer efficient, dependable logistics solutions for businesses across sizes and sectors. Our specialised services cater to niche industries, ensuring seamless, cross-border goods transportation. 

Our all-encompassing logistics solutions address the following sectors' unique requirements.

Luxury and Fashion, E-commerce, AOG, DGR and FBA

Luxury and Fashion


Catering to the distinct logistics demands of the luxury and fashion sector,  Movers is positioned to effectively manage fashion logistics programs that ensure speed to market at competitive costs for the world’s leading fashion brands and high end products.Our specialised expertise delivers bespoke freight forwarding solutions, specifically designed to accommodate the needs of high fashion, fast  and esteemed brands. Our passion for delivering exceptional customer service is in harmony with the needs of fashion and luxury brands to provide the highest quality customer delight.

What we offer
  • Careful handling of delicate and valuable items to ensuring timely and secure delivery
  • End-to-end logistics services that uphold the luxury brand experience
  • With our global network and attention to detail, we offer seamless transportation, customs clearance, and white-glove delivery, ensuring that your luxury goods reach their destination safely and in pristine condition
  • Fashion Critical Logistics: Time critical deliveries of individual pieces for fashion shows and fashion shoots, and priority VIP deliveries
  • Direct to boutique services for fashion merchandise to cut transit times and total cost



In the fast-growing world of e-commerce, efficient and reliable logistics play a critical role in customer satisfaction and business success. At Movers, we specialize in providing freight forwarding services designed to meet the unique needs of e-commerce businesses.

What we offer
  • Managing large-scale inventory flows to optimizing fulfillment processes
  • Last-mile delivery and first mile pick up
  • End-to-end logistics solutions that streamline your e-commerce operations
  • Expertise in handling diverse product categories, managing peak seasons, and integrating with e-commerce platforms
  • Shipments are efficiently managed, tracked, and delivered to your customers, allowing you to drive business growth



At Movers, we specialize in AOG shipments fulfillment, providing urgent and reliable logistics solutions to the aviation industry in a 24/7 space. When an aircraft is grounded due to an unexpected mechanical issue or critical part failure, time is of the essence. Our dedicated AOG team is available around the clock to ensure rapid response and timely delivery of vital aircraft components, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency.

What we offer
  • Handling time-critical situations for aviation industry
  • Highly responsive and dedicated logistics approach to ensure time sensitive delivery of critical parts to the aircraft's location
  • From sourcing and procurement of critical parts to secure and expedited transportation, we manage the entire fulfillment process
  • Real-time tracking and proactive communication to keep all the stakeholders informed at every stage of the shipment
  • Reliability, speed precision and transparency, ensuring you have complete control and peace of mind throughout the AOG fulfillment process



When it comes to DGR shipments, safety and compliance are of paramount importance. With our expertise in handling dangerous goods at every stage of supply chain ,we offer comprehensive solutions to safely transport and manage these materials throughout the supply chain.

What we offer
  • Classification and Packaging of hazardous goods accurately according to international regulations.
  • Documentation and Compliance to ensure compliance with international regulations such  IATA DGR and IMDG Code. 
  • Carrier Selection and Transportation: We work with carriers experienced in handling DGR shipments that have the necessary certifications, specialized equipment, and trained personnel to safely transport hazardous materials. 
  • Emergency Response Planning: to develop contingency plans in case of incidents or accidents involving DGR shipments to address any potential risks and mitigate the impact on safety and the environment.



We pride ourselves in handling FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) shipments where the sellers send their inventory to Amazon's fulfillment centers to be stored securely and managed by Amazon's advanced inventory management systems. This service enables sellers to leverage Amazon's extensive infrastructure and reach to streamline their operations and provide a seamless buying experience to customers.

What we offer
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Reliable and Fast Shipping
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Global Reach
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