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We bring you an Indian voice with a global reach. We’re easily accessible to our local customers and understand the business ethos in India. At the same time, our global network and connections empower us to deliver unique solutions in every country worldwide.

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Committed to Excellence

Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals deliver quality solutions that are automated, transparent and market evaluated. By efficiently blending IT, quality assessment measures and state-of-the-art delivery mechanisms, we can reduce lead time and increase our prestigious client base.

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High-Altitude, High-Speed, and High-Quality Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering the fastest delivery time with air freight solutions that are fast, reliable and dependable. Our commitment is supported by secured capacity on all major global airlines. Choose Movers International to deliver your cargo safely and on time, to even the most remote destinations via air.

Our experts are well-versed in compliance and regulatory guidelines across continents and handle customers effectively to ensure hassle-free transit. Our air freight solutions include our own consoles on major trade lines at a fixed frequency. We leverage our purchase power and high-level relationships with leading airlines to bring cutting-edge air freight solutions. Trust us to deliver routes and transit time diversity to suit all your business needs globally.

We’re experts in handling any requirement or contingency and possess a thorough knowledge of the air cargo vertical for your business success.

Why Choose our Air Freight Solutions?

  • Special attention to every air shipment
  • The fastest logistics experiences
  • Instant online quotation
  • liersity in routes and transit times
  • Mitigation and risk control
  • Purchase power with strong relationships in all major airlines
  • Value-added services for oversized cargo, dangerous goods handling and temperature-controlled forwarding
  • Online tracking throughout the journey
  • Move your cargo on multiple air routes and schedules with secure freighter capacity


Smooth Sailing, Across the World

We’re a leading Ocean freight provider with comprehensive solutions for Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipment, operating across a worldwide network, to and from India, and all continents.

Our customised ocean freight solutions are ideal for your business when the cost is critical and time isn’t an issue. They are supported by our management services like break-bulk, partial and full charter and project forwarding.

In every major port of the world, we have a team of experts with an intensive knowledge of local and international compliance for import-export. Our staff members will assist you in understanding every country’s requirements along with the local pickup and delivery. Trust us to handle your shipment with care at the origin and destination ports. Your shipment is in capable hands on the sea and beyond.

Why Choose our Ocean Freight Solutions?

  • Real-time tracking of your shipments
  • Cost-effective and efficient ocean freight services
  • Additional support for refrigerated cargo
  • A remarkable balance between time and costs
  • Most competitive logistical solution
  • Diversity of sea routes and transit times to suit your requirements
  • Expertise in transporting high-volume cargo
  • Strategic planning that helps mitigate risks
  • Unique services for oversized and project cargo and dangerous goods handling

Supply Chain

Empower your Supply Chains with Digital Traceability

Movers International strives to become your supply chain partner with real-life insights into your unique business needs. By focusing on your challenges and delivering the best of people, technology and real estate, we make supply chain solutions work for you. When almost 80% of major organizations have visibility over just 20% of the supply chain spends, we bring in our expertise to boost efficiency and profitability while delivering high customer satisfaction. If your business considers the supply chain a cost centre, time to make it a strategic asset with our partnership.

Our industry knowledge of multiple sectors enables us to go beyond an advisory role for your business. We also support sourcing and procurement solutions at your request. Our team conducts a thorough supply chain analysis and develops the best plan suited for your business. Finally, we can positively impact your bottom lines with our tech-savvy and digital solutions.

Why Choose our Supply Chain Solutions?

  • Enjoy operational intelligence with real-time visibility
  • Monitor the impact of your product throughout the supply chain
  • Manage risks with product tracking for inventory control
  • Stay updated with relevant information to make better decisions
  • Build resiliency, flexibility and agility in your supply chains
  • Redesign your supply chain for a change of concept
  • Inventory Management Solutions, Inventory Scan, and Logistics Manufacturing Services
  • Optimized supply chain designs that are based on our day-to-day global business
  • Ideal for customers of all industries

Fairs & Exhibitions

Making Every
Day Eventful

Global businesses are breaking boundaries and coming closer to their customers through fairs and exhibitions. Events bring prospective buyers and sellers under the same roof and offer yearly profitable opportunities. However, such trade exhibitions offer many logistical challenges and setbacks for most businesses.

At Movers International, we understand the needs of the industry and provide exhibitors with an entire gamut of services for successful participation. As a result, you can save valuable time and costs at every trade show.

We move beyond the confines of being an exhibition and events freight forwarder. Our years of specialist and first-hand experience in handling every last detail across international venues makes us an asset to your team. Whether it’s transportation, customs advice, on-site assistance, or handling constraints and restrictions, we do it with the utmost professionalism. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that your logistics are always taken care of.

Why Choose our Fairs and Exhibitions Solutions?

  • Timely pick up of goods for fairs and exhibitions
  • Freight forwarding solutions using air and sea transport
  • Fast and trusted customs clearance of all shipments
  • Short-term and long-term storage of exhibits and materials for the events
  • Re-packing and re-exporting shipments to the origin country or new destinations
  • Convenient, one-stop-shop for all exhibition logistics
  • Early delivery assurance ensures more time to set up your stand
  • Highly reliable service that lets you focus on sales rather than logistics

Customs Management

Move Cross-Border Without Delays

Amidst the complex global regulations and customs laws, our support helps the smooth clearance of imported and exported consignments. Our CHA (Customs House Agent) License enables our clients to get the edge across international deliveries. Whether it’s an air or sea shipment, we help you with customs clearance services at all airports and seaports worldwide. With statutory documentation and customs formalities support, you get access to rapid and fluid transit for your cargo.

Our team of experts also offer consultancy on all import-export documentation and laws. In addition, we liaise with customs authorities to expedite the clearance process for all your shipments. As your certified partner, we can support your company’s global growth with lower risks and costs.

Why Choose our Customs Management Services?

  • Expertise in trading procedures, international transport and customs clearance
  • End-to-end support at all major ports and airports
  • Compliant custom services for global supply chain customs constraints
  • Import and export movement as per the latest regulations
  • Value-added customized solutions for your international business needs
  • Simplified, transparent and electronic exchanges between you and customs authorities


Storage with Ultimate Safety, Confidence and Control

Align your supply with the growing demand within your stipulated timelines. Our experience in packaging and warehousing helps businesses like yours optimize logistics flow. Whether you’d like to store pallets for a short time or set up an entire warehousing concept for your e-commerce business, we’re always ready for the task.

Our warehousing and logistics solutions help you achieve faster speed to market and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We support your business by receiving, storing, packing, tracking and shipping your products. With a robust warehouse management system and high-tech IT, we fully control the movement, storage and safety of materials in the warehouse and your supply chains. So let us focus on your logistics and storage while you focus on your core products and business growth.

Why Choose our Warehousing Services?

  • Dedicated and shared warehousing solutions
  • Global distribution operations
  • Reliable and flexible pick and pack operations
  • Temporary storage between cargo consolidation and container loading
  • Customized solutions for one shipment or turnkey projects
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for export packing and palletization
  • Reduced costs, real-time tracking, complete control of your items


Move Oversized, Heavy and Complex Cargo with Ease

Project cargo movement can be challenging, especially in today’s fast-paced environments. Therefore, we offer reliable and out-of-the-box solutions with various shipment modes to ensure timely delivery. Over the years, our team has successfully provided cargo solutions for the most ambitious cement, machinery, energy, construction and automotive projects.

Backed by a global force of professionals and connections, we can execute any significant move to even the most remote location. Our track record, expertise and resources help us build end-to-end solutions for the entire lifecycle of your project – from moving raw materials to shipping completed goods. A seamless shipment process with a vital IT infrastructure enables you to enjoy robust solutions with 100% transparency.

Why Choose our Project Cargo Solutions?

  • Customized innovative services that reinforce your project’s safety
  • Highest quality standards for high-impact projects
  • An efficient supply chain with meticulous attention to detail
  • Mitigating risks with decades of experience
  • Global network with local connections to reach anywhere in the world
  • Additional services like cargo insurance, certified packaging and customs agenting
  • Multimodal transport for super-fast deliveries
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